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Pick 'n' Mix 

Analysis and Reporting

Analysis of the standing of your social media account/s and/or website. Detailed metric analysis and written report explaining metrics and what that is indicating about your business' online presence.

Competitor analysis

Detailed research on competitors in your niche, analysing trends, what is working in the wider market, what could be implemented into your strategy. Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.

Content Calendar

Personalised creative content ideas specific to your business niche. Please enter the requested amount of content ideas when enquiring.

Content Strategy

Personalised content strategy for your brand including content idea templates, best practices for your business niche, areas to target through your content and more


Short form and Long form content editing for various social media channels e.g TikTok, YouTube, Instagram etc. Please give details when enquiring.

Email marketing flow and/or copy

Set up email marketing automation for one or various purposes e.g welcome emails, forgotten basket, discounts, birthday emails and more. Email copy (the writing included in the email) can also be requested which will be written in the most effective way to increase email open rates and in turn increase specified goal e.g link clicks increase, conversation increase, cross selling increase etc.

Landing page creation

Landing page creation to be used as a singular sign up page for specific campaigns e.g email sign ups, digital products promotion, event registration, online course enrolment and more

Marketing Strategy

Detailed marketing strategy including best practices, target audience review, ideal marketing tactics specific to your business and more.

Newsletter creation

Newsletter creation for a specific purpose e.g sales promotion, event, weekly newsletters, informative newsletter etc which can be used in email campaigns, on social media and websites.

Page Audit

A detailed review of the standing of your page (social media or website) including impressions, shares, likes, engagement, audience, traffic and more.

Paid ads

Specialised paid ads creation and management to help boost your brands adverts and content in the most efficient and effective way to increase specific goals e.g. conversions, sales, clicks etc


Optimise your website and/or social media account to increase its chances of being seen through various SEO best practices. Including tips on how your business can implement this in the future.

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